The Impact Of Business Intelligence On CRM Case of study: Shuttle Companies' Group

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1 1. Master of Public Administration, Faculty of Management and Economics, Sistan and Baluchestan University, Iran 2. Expert of the Office of the Representation of the Supreme Leader, Velayat University, Iranshahr, Iran

2 PhD, Entrepreneurship Management, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Razi University, Iran.

3 PhD Student, Entrepreneurship Management, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Razi University, Iran


This study examine the impact of business intelligence on CRM(customer relationship management)which is one of the most important assest of most organization, and is associated with survival and further business success for any organization.
The purpose of using business intelligence in an organization is that by processing and analyzing large volume of data, we can gain useful information in order to improve decidions and cost saving and discover new business opportunities.
Due to the high importance of CRM and increasing growth of Information Technology and the tendency of organizations toward to be smart to achieve business objectives.
This study aims to find solutions to maintain and maintain profitable customers for the organization and we are looking for the answer of the question , whether the use of business intelligence and utilization of its applications can help maintain and satisfy customers?
This study is rated as an applied investigation in terms of purpose.
The study's statistical community encompasses administrators and specialists of the software and technical support section of CS Shuttle Information and Communication Technology Group.
The sample size is 140 people selected by Morgan table and this is an uncomplicated accidental sampling.
Tool data collection is in the form of questionnaries and libraries. Upcoming study using PLS software to analyze data and examines hypotheses and statistical hypotheses.
The result of study shows that there is a significant relationship between CRM and business intelligence