Methodology articles

Because of how crucial methods are to scientific endeavors, some researchers are primarily interested in creating new methods or improving existing ones. Such efforts are published under the category of ‘Methodology article’. The methods suggested in these articles should undergo thorough testing to ensure their efficacy. You may use Dr. Hassan Danaei Fard's essay, "Strategies of Qualitative Research: A Reflection on Data-Based Theorizing," as an example.

The following points should be thoroughly explained by the author in methodology articles:

Describe the theoretical underpinnings of the proposed approach.

The reasons why a new method had to be developed; the fact that the current methods do not satisfy the needs of researchers doing quantitative, qualitative, or mixed research should be properly described.

Describe the ways in which the proposed method differs from other ones that are already in use.

Give clear instructions on how to use the new method so that any researcher can apply it to his or her area of study.