Converging Technologies: Interaction Between Science and Technology


Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution


«Interdisciplinarity» is a key issue at the level of scientific research and based on that, consensus happen in the new compounds. «Convergence» is a macro trend that can be seen in all technologies and products globally. However, convergence is still in transition level from the single-discipline and removing the technological frontiers. Convergence occurs on the basis of a series of events: in the first step, scientific disciplines and then, technologies and markets combine; finally, evolves with the convergence of industries. The term «converging technologies» is assigned an important role in the process of science and technology policymakers. The convergence of nano, bio and info technologies and cognitive science have major role in outlining the economic, social and industrial infrastructure of the future. This article with the aim of raising awareness of policy makers, researchers and business leaders about the possible outcomes of convergence science and technology, discuss about the relationships between the disciplines, convergence of science, technological convergence and convergence measures.


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