Rural Development Projects and Emigrating from Countryside to City (Case study: Carbon Sequestration Project)

Document Type : Review article



Economic development of our country requires developing rural areas and defining the linkage between countryside, cities and regions precisely. In spite of all efforts to develop rural areas by policies and defining a range of projects, achieving the optimal situation is still out of reach and rural areas are being emptied of inhabitants. Reaching rural developed areas› goals, requires discovering the causes of emigration. In this paper, we will answer this question that what is the effect of Carbon Sequestration Project (CSP) on rural to urban areas› emigration variables. The results show that causes of emigration is rooted in contraction between countryside and city. Therefore, local developers› projects and their developing models cannot response to all aspects of problem, and thus, emigrating will continue under the current condition. Solving this problem will be obtaining only by physical plans and equally resource distribution, in which local and rural projects should be defined and well served under physical plans and its strategy.