Investigating Laws and policies related to social enterprises in some selected countries



Social enterprises are businesses with the main purpose of solving social problems. Social enterprises carry out part of the governments duties and they naturally benefit society. Despite these advantages, social enterprises have many challenges. With existing legal forms in our country, what programs, policies and laws is needed for social enterprises in Iran is an Important question which requires comprehensive researches to be answered. In this article, legal forms, programs, policies and laws related to social enterprise has been investigated in some selected countries. No need to mention that the results cannot be used for our country without considering cultural, social, economic and legal status. This research has been done with the exclusively purpose of informing about programs and actions done related to social enterprise in some selected countries. Government to support and control of these enterprises, a set of laws, policies and programs are regulated. In this paper, the legal structure of social enterprises are examined, as well as programs, policies and laws in other countries. Obviously, laws and programs that are examined objectively, and regardless of cultural, social, economic and legal in our country will not be used. These programs and laws have been examined just for our audiences to be familiar with the actions and programs in the different countries.