Future scenarios of the impact of artificial intelligence on national and international governance

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3 Director of Emerging and Priority Technology of Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution


The structure and dynamics of the international system are currently undergoing change due to the emergence and rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI). This phenomenon is considered dangerous and disruptive, as it has the potential to reshape various aspects of society. It can be said that the world lacks a clear plan for managing the phenomenon of artificial intelligence (AI), and countries are currently experiencing a period of conflict between fear and excitement when confronted with AI. In this conditions, there is a noticeable performance gap between companies and government rulers in managing the various dimensions of artificial intelligence (AI). While multinational companies and international investors are investing significant amounts of money in the growth and development of AI, many rulers are attempting to control and limit its expansion. They perceive the emergence and expansion of AI as a threat that could undermine human power and challenge human control. Considering the profound impact of artificial intelligence on the structure and manner of global governance, this article aims to answer the question of what scenarios and strategic considerations exist in a world full of conflict and interaction between artificial intelligence and human governance by GBN (Global Business Network) model . The research methodology for collecting data in this study involves utilizing new documents in the field of artificial intelligence and conducting interviews with experts and researchers in the field and holding experts Panel. The findings indicate that in the not-so-distant future, supercomputers equipped with artificial intelligence will possess capabilities for cognitive manipulation and…to create a strong dependence on humans and confront them with 4 scenarios and reach an amazing level of ability to play a role in governance. Despotic artificiality, separation of civilizations and super-intelligent colonialism face each other, the realization of each of them requires attention to special strategic considerations.


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