Requirements of data journalism in IRIB News

Document Type : Call for Special Issue on Development of Creative Industries


1 بلوار جمهوری اسلامی، خیابان شهید امینی

2 University


The use and application of data journalism, which narrates news with data and with the help of computer tools and algorithms, is associated with requirements and frameworks, both from the technological and social and structural aspects. In this regard, the aim of this article is to identify the requirements of data journalism in IRIB news. Research data was collected through interviews with experts and 20 experts and their analysis was done with thematic analysis and ranking method. Extracting 202 basic themes from the texts of the interviews and aggregating and integrating them into 51 organizing themes, ultimately resulting in 6 comprehensive themes of education, research and learning, promoting and creating discourse, forming a data journalism unit and team, preparing and updating platforms and infrastructures, applying strategies It has become diverse, plural and creative in production and dissemination and active use of technological advances and attention to future trends, which have been weighted and prioritized by the ranking method. According to the findings, it can be stated that the requirements of data journalism - in this research - are compatible with the five stages of innovation acceptance in the innovation diffusion theory and the discourse theory.


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