Social Measurement of Iranian VODs among Persian Twitter Users

Document Type : Call for Special Issue on Development of Creative Industries


1 Imam Sadiq University

2 IRIB University


With the advent of digital technologies and the emergence of VOD media services, the landscape of cultural and creative industries has undergone a dramatic transformation. In particular, the market of these media in Iran has witnessed significant growth and offers a diverse range of content to meet the preferences of Persian-speaking audiences around the world. This research deals with the social assessment of Iranian VOD media and their opinion analysis among Persian Twitter users. The purpose of this study is to measure the influence and dynamics of Iranian VODs in the framework of Persian Twitter using data mining methods, computational social sciences, sentiment analysis and theme analysis. Through thematic analysis, six overarching themes were extracted: 1. Dark strains of VOD, 2. Broadcasting monitoring of VOD, 3. Popularity of VOD and its effective factors, 4. Filter and closure of VOD, 5. Actors appearing on VOD after riots in 1401, and 6. Purchasing VOD subscriptions. These themes reflect diverse views and conversations about Iranian VODs.

Using social science computational methods, sentiment analysis, and user surveys, a deeper insight into the social measurement of Iranian VODs is obtained. Sentiment analysis of tweets showed that negative sentiments towards these media among Persian Twitter users were 59%, positive sentiments 39%, and neutral sentiments 2%. In addition, data mining techniques were used to investigate the percentage of attention towards Iranian VODs and the feelings of users towards each of them.