Designing a model for development of the area of innovation based on the technology park. A study of the historical experience of Pardis technology park

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1 Assistant Professor at Technology Studies Institute

2 Researcher at Science, Technology and Industry Policy Institute, Affiliated by Sharif University of Technology


Examining the developments of recent decades in science and technology parks indicates the emergence of a new type of innovation ecosystem, which is characterized by new features such as establishment in urban environments, innovative community and international interactions, and it is called innovation area. Science and technology parks in our country, which have a history of several decades, have not been exempted from these changes. including Pardis Technology Park, which is considered one of the country's mature ecosystems in the field of technology. Examining the experience of the creation, development and policy of this park indicates the formation of the local environment with the characteristics of the innovation district in Pardis city, which can be associated with policy learning in the field of the creation and development of technology parks. Therefore, in this article, an attempt has been made to provide a model for the formation of the innovation area centered on the technology park using the content analysis method. For this purpose, while studying the documents, 11 experts and managers related to the subject were interviewed. Then, integrative themes including urban development approach, development characteristics of the founding institution, management stability, geographical proximity infrastructure, support for the growth of technological businesses, national and international role-playing, and shaping the components of the innovation area have been extracted. Finally, a model has been designed to explain the development of the innovation district based on the technology park, which includes two main parts; Fixed factors that have existed throughout the evolution of the campus park, and variable factors that have changed depending on the priority of each stage of the evolution of the technology park. These stages include the stage of formation, growth, maturity and promotion. The policy recommendations obtained from this research are also presented.


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