The requirement of creative and cultural industry businesses internationalization (focusing on digital content businesses)

Document Type : Call for Special Issue on Development of Creative Industries


1 Ph.D. candidate, Faculty of management, economics and progress engineering, Iran University of science and technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant professor. Department of management and science and technology philosophy, Faculty of management, economics and progress engineering, Iran University of science technology, Tehran, Iran


The digital content industry has the capacity of transferring a countries thoughts and culture in addition to having economic interests. Today the products of this industry can spread easily through the internet and have access to a big global market. To have a better use from the chances of this industry we should identify the requirements needed for internationalization of businesses that work in this sector using best practices, so that we can have policy designs to promote them. The purpose of this research is to identify the requirements of the international activity of the digital content businesses in Iran. So in this research a multiple case study method is used and 6 successful businesses in digital content sector which have the experience of global markets, have been studied from 20 February 2023 to 21 may 2023. For analyzing the interview data and the data from other sources theme analysis have been used and at the end 8 requirements are identified. In the next step the we have assessed the priority of these requirement by using importance-performance analysis, That showed the most important requirements are: “market knowledge (the creation of a market, right advertisement and customer recognition) ”, “supply and training the required human capital (inside the country, the native employees for the abroad offices” and “having suitable and stable condition inside the country ”


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