A Model for Economic Development of Less Developed Rurals of Mazandaran Province with the Approach of Regional Innovation System

Document Type : Original research


1 Associate Professor, Department of Theoretical Economics, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Mazandaran University, Babolsar, Iran

2 Assistant Professor of STI Policy, Department of Industrial Management, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran


The purpose of this research is to present a model for the economic development of Less Developed Rurals of Mazandaran Province with the regional innovation system approach. In terms of purpose, this research was applied and in terms of the method of data collection according to the nature of the study, it was qualitative, descriptive, and survey type. The current research is a case study. The research community of Less Developed Rural of Mazandaran province is based on the list of less-developed areas in support matters in 2018. The researchers with the help of provincial trustee institutions such as Mazandaran Governorate updated the said list and expressed the challenges and solutions based on the foundation's data theory method based on the existing situation. In order to collect research data, while comprehensively reviewing the literature on rural development, regional innovation system, and framework related to a sustainable livelihood, through in-depth interviews with 43 scientific and experimental experts in the fields of rural development, the economy of deprived areas, regional innovation system and Also, more than 10 interviews and specialized meetings were held with provincial officials. The findings of the research show that strengthening the role and position of civil institutions in the governance process, using the capacity of cooperative companies by the local community, providing national and media awareness to attract Investment opportunities in the private sector, paying attention to the capacity of the innovation ecosystem, especially from the aspect of financing and modifying the cultivation pattern based on regional natural capabilities and regional capabilities, are among the most important solutions for the economic development of disadvantaged rural areas in Mazandaran province.


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