A Grounded theory model for strategic decision making in IT startups

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trategic decision making is one of the management activities to overcome environmental uncertainty. Strategic decisions are decisions that affect the long-term survival of the organization and its dynamism and promotion. Knowledge-based companies are great tools for governments to advance technology and streamline science in industry. Given the importance of the position of knowledge-based organizations in the volume of GDP and the lack of strategic decision-making model of these companies, the present study is the answer to the question: "What is the strategic decision-making model of knowledge-based companies?". For this purpose, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 12 subject experts (including managers of knowledge-based companies and academic experts) using the data theory theory method (Strauss-Corbin approach). After the open coding stage, 649 key points were extracted from the initial data in the form of 141 abstract concepts. These concepts led to the formation of 83 sub-categories, 34 main categories and finally six theoretical theorems through the axial and selective coding process. Managers' power of action based on market analysis, the role of elite retention rate, streamlining the structure and decision-making process, maintaining dynamic marketing relationships with the environment, attention to the components of technology ecosystem and environment and the importance of maturity and organizational learning in decision making are some of the most important categories.


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