SSP Scenario and Analysis of population, economic growth and science and technology indicators 2

Document Type : Promotional article


1 Iran, Qom

2 Assistant Professor, National Research Institute for Science Policy

3 Faculty of Mechanics, Sharif University of Technology


Today, the scientific community and science and technology policy makers have more than ever realized the need to create and apply environmental scenarios in climate change policies and put it on the agenda. Although these scenarios are not predictive of the future, they provide decision makers with a good understanding of the events and possible paths ahead. In this study, we have evaluated the production process of these scenarios by examining valid scenarios in the field of climate, such as the IPCC and other studies. The new generation of these scenarios with the approach of parallel compilation of emmision scenarios known as "RCP" and "SSP" scenarios. These scenarios, by reducing the time lag and greater correlation between researchers in various fields, have led to the widespread and optimal use of these scenarios by international researchers and policy makers in national and regional research. In the following, after stating the process of preparing these scenarios, we have presented five major narratives of the SSP scenarios and expressed the main features of each route and made comparisons about the four indicators.