The Necessity of Playing a Global Role in the Prevention of COVID-19

Document Type : Case study


Pasteur Institute of Iran


 The ongoing worldwide epidemic of COVID-19 revisited the focus of care prevention. The consequences of direct and indirect costs on the nation's economy, or the mention of security and defense issues such as bioterrorism and passive defense, have made such a tremendous impact on the world that has strategically clarified the importance of vaccine technology in the current century. There have been extensive efforts in various countries around the world to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines, and these projects have not been limited to well-known countries. Newcomer countries, however, have also mobilized their capital on this level. This article would highlight the importance of action in the country to develop and manufacture this vaccine, in short, by looking at the current efforts in one of the newcomers to this arena (India) based on the documentary study method (evidence-based process). Because of its unique characteristics, India was chosen. Their share of the international vaccine market and the degree to which they play a part in the global interactions of the vaccine currently differ markedly from that of Iran. The ultimate aim of this outlook is to begin to consider the triggers, which will undoubtedly be a fruitful subject for future research in the health sector policymaking and implementation.


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