Investigating the Impact of IT Capability and Marketing Capability on Supply Chain Performance of Nikan Kimia Teb Co.

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Student of Management Faculty of Azad University South Tehran


This study was conducted with aims of Investigation to The Effect of IT capability and marketing capability on Supply Chain Performance of Nikan Kimia Teb Company in the years of 2019. Research Method was applied based on aim and also was descriptive- correlation based on data collecting method. The population consisted of all managers and experts of Nikan Teb Kimia Company (104 persons). The statistical sample of the study was 82 people using simple random sampling and Cochran formula.Data were collected using a standard questionnaire of research by Yu et al. (2017) with 39 items. Using Cronbach’s alpha method, the reliability of the questionnaire was more than 0.7 for all the dimensions, which this shows an acceptable reliability for the research instrument. Moreover, content validity was employed in order to assess the validity, which the results indicated the validity of the survey instrument (AVE>0.5). The obtained data was analyzed using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) and Smart PLS software and the final model was presented. The results indicated proper fit of the conceptual model based on indices of acceptable and significant values for path coefficients, factor loadings, explained variances and GOF index. The results showed the confirmation of the impact of information technology capacities and their indicators, infrastructure capabilities, infrastructure capabilities and IT compatibility on supply chain performance of Nikan Teb Kimia at 99% confidence level. The assumptions were also based on the impact of marketing capacity and its indicators, customer relationship capability and market capability on supply chain performance.


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