Identification and extract success factors influencing the commercialization of technology development projects

Document Type : Review article


1 Master of Science (MSc) in Strategic Orientation Management

2 Assistant Professor and Faculty of Management, Islamic Azad University of Qazvin


Technology not only an important dimension in national development is a contributing factor to the success and survival of organizations in today's competitive world. The challenge faced by organizations today is how scientific and technological ideas into marketable products and services convert. Commercialization of research, a process that knowledge produced in research organizations into marketable products or industrial processes convert. In this paper, literature review, factors affecting the success of commercialization of mining and the opinions of experts in the four following important factors, technology, organization, market and were classified environment. The effects of these factors on commercialization success in terms of experts and specialists in government research institutes, the tested. The results showed those factors, market, organization, environment and the most effective technology to successfully commercialize the technology development projects.


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