Narration of Local Community on Issues Related to Water Management in the Hasanlu’s Region Located in the Lake Urmia Basin

Document Type : Review article



In the present era, due to population growth and as a result of water shortages, water resource management is a very difficult process than in the past. Today, this concept has been accepted that issues of water are not only «natural» or «technical» but also are multidimensional and interdisciplinary problems. One of the important aspects in relation to water issues are social issues associated with this issue. In this direction, the necessity of social vision to water management systems has increasingly been felt which derived from context of a society. The present article, using of grounded theory, try to narrate the related to water issues from the perspective of local community. The results indicate that the interaction impact of building the hasanlu’s dam and regional management issues generates discontent in the local community that implications of these factors caused a negative attitude and greater use of water resources regardless of the problem of water scarcity in the region had been by the local community. Such an attitude not only is derived from limited good attitude to the resources, but also is aggravating factor of the attitude.