Science and Technology Experiences in the World: Exploring the Institutions, Priorities and Actions of Some Selected Countries

Document Type : Review article



Today diplomatic and political relations between states are icreasing in order to strengthen science and technology, as well as scientific and technological relations among countries with the aim of improving diplomatic relations between them. This bilateral relations is mentioned as Science and Technology Diplomacy in the scientific and political literature. Codification of science and technology diplomacy policies and use of oppourtunities in order to enhance and develop science and technology and also achieving political goals of our country is only possible with enough recognition of STD aspects and also other countries performance in STD. Therefore, this study is tried to introduce the concept of science and technolgy diplomacy and to evaluate the performance of other countries in STD. United States of America, Germany, Japan, England, France and Islamic Republic of Iran are studied in this research. While there are similaritie, differences and initiatives are shown in the selected countries STD experiences. Obviously, identifying this initiatives will promote Islamic Reppubic of Iran optimal science and technology diplomacy policies.