Typology of Islamic republic of Iran welfare system based on Anderson`s three welfare states model

Document Type : Review article



In this paper we review the welfare system projected in the Iran constitution and revaluation Leader opinion in order to understand country ideal image of its welfare state. Then, using the available information and look at the historical development of welfare policies in the country, we did a typology of the welfare system by the framework of Anderson’s Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism concept. The results shows differences between constitution expectations of the welfare system and the reality of these policies are significant; Second, dual structure of the State and Para-Governmental Organizations which are responsible for welfare policy makes welfare system analysis more complicated; Third, based on Anderson’s model comparison, Iran welfare system with regard to its focusing on the family's responsibility for welfare and providing minimal state support is a combines of Christian conservative and liberal welfare system. A conclusion that shows the immense distance between the reality of Iran’s welfare system and the ideals of the revolution, as well as the explicit prescription of the constitution.