Design and implementation of a framework to determine influencing factors on strategic gap

Document Type : Review article



When the strategic planning was first proposed in mid-1960s, it drew many companies and scientists’ attention. Nowadays many companies bear a specific strategy but a small number of them have accomplished strategies implementation efficiently. The question is what are the key success factors of companies connected to strategic planning and what avoids them to gain their optimal set. The gap in literature review of strategic planning issues is focused in this article and comprises the main research outlines discussed here. The article aims to detect key factors in strategic gap, prioritizing them, and finally to develop a framework including these factors. Field research correlational methods are applied in this research. Library resources helped us determine influencing key factors in strategic gap and TOPSIS is applied to select more important factors. Finally, exploratory factor analysis in SPSS software is adopted to categorize influencing factors on strategic gap. Four categories are defined as design, implementation, evaluation, background and strategic planning support.