Refinery or Petrochemical Refinery: The Preeminent Alternative for Country (Iran) Considering Business-Oriented Approaches

Document Type : Review article



Changes in consumption patterns of petroleum products in our country and low production rate of propylene in petrochemical refineries need to be considered. On one hand, petrochemical industries are paying attention to propylene production in order to use petroleum products as food. On the other hand, the producers look for alternatives for petroleum products. To overcome these challenges, petrochemical refinery is mentioned as an alternative. This study follows a business oriented approach to survey different scenarios of establishing petrochemical refineries. Despite the fact that petrochemical refineries development based on naphtha cracking or kerosene (which are preferred to aromatics) retains more propylene production and results in investment return rate of 18% in comparison to refineries, taking the business oriented approach into account, an insightful perspective about petrochemical refineries in Iran cannot be predicted.