How has science journalism developed and grown in the national and international level?



The paper answers this question, with institutional approach and qualitative method, that how science journalism has developed and grown from the second half of the twentieth century. We can give an answer to the question: science journalists have established the national and international institutions in other to train, create incentive, support other journalists, connect them together and reinforce this occupation in the media. In the mid-twentieth century in developed countries, such as United States, Britain and France, these institutions were established in the form of science journalist associations. Also the international associations of science journalism were formed after the second half of sixties. The science journalists constituted World Federation of Science Journalists (WCSJ) for centralizing the development of their occupation in global level.WCSJis the latest specialist institution in science journalism and represents 40 national and international associations in 2002. Also it is already developing and growing activities.