Schumpeterian Novelty; creating, distributing and influencing



This article talks about‘novelty’ and‘radical innovation with wide social effects’, which areof the most basic  concerns of Schumpeter’s life. According to Schumpeter, novelty mayoccur in different areas andthis transforms governing routines that it canlead to another level of equilibrium. In order to understanding novelty closer, this paper begins with Schumpeter’s recently publishedarticle that has been found in a random search,which contains some other comments about the novelty. As a result, a framework for better understanding of the novelty has introduced. Actually, novelty is broken into three sections: "novelty creation",  novelty distribution", and "novelty consequence" and each of these sections leads to main  questions that present to various areas, such as scientific novelty, economic novelty, artistic novelty, and literary novelty.