Paradigmatic survey of innovation and evolutionary economic studies:Is an emerging paradigm on the way?



New Considerable developments in science, technology, and innovation studies in recent two decades have led to this question: "is the research stream of this area moving to creation of new scientific discipline?" In order to answer this question, this paper concentrated on evolutionary economics as most structured part of science, technology, and innovation studies. From paradigmatic point of view also, five macro paradigms have been studied. With these five macro paradigms,internal structure of evolutionary economics has been analyzed by paradigmatic tools,based on three realms of ontology, epistemology, and methodology. It is shown that evolutionary economics studies have much similarity with Chaos Theory and interpretive paradigm. Continuing these trends can lead to crack in science, technology, and innovation studies and dividethis into two,  Interpretive and Chaos, parts. For accessing to the formation of a new paradigm, it is necessary to do much more researches to connectthese two main parts of evolutionary economic research program together.