Evaluation of factors promoting industrial innovation system within a hierarchical model of objectives and survey of development priorities



Because of importance of innovation system in industry sector, considering effective factors on promotion of research and technology, can provide assessment structure of government’s performance in every subsets of innovation system. Because one of the priority setting methods in making changes and evolution is the evaluation system, so the present study by the examination of main active factors in the country’s innovation system, based on framework of the hierarchical model of objectives, has evaluated the government’s performance. Finally, by the use of assessment data and also size of impact of each factor on the whole system, size of evolution in each effective factor has been calculated. According to the research’s results, more attention to soft factors versus hard factors has been the most important finding of this study, so this study has emphasized the neccessity of reform of country’s system of science and technology orientations to the knowledge-based economy and increasing commercialization of technology and change in the path of research activities to the main needs of industry sector.