Formulation and evaluation of technology polices and how it affects the implementation of technology policies in the development plan of the Islamic Republic Iran



One of public policy stages is implementation stage to operationalise policy decisions and resolutions taken by policymakers to achieve their goals. Also one of goals in the developing countries is the expansion and growth of technology in order to build a competitive economy in the international arena. As a result these goals are prioritized in economic development plan of the governments. Various factors affect the successful implementation of policies and the regulations and programs adopted by Parliament doesn’t mean successful implementation of policies. The most important factor for the unsuccessful implementation of policies is lack  of participation of shareholders in formulating, implementing and evaluating of policies. Technology development policies in accordance with “National Innovation System” discuss the relationship between  industry, university and state. The system provides condition that industries and universities are involved in  formulation and evaluation process of government technology policies. In formulating policy, university and  industry both determine interests, strengths and weaknesses of technology policies and legitimize technology policies. Also in evaluating policy, university and industry the both reform implementation policies and make the state more responsible.