Assessing the Challenges and Opportunities in Competitiveness of Iran Compared to Regional Countries in order to Achieve the Goals of Twenty-Year Outlook



Today Concepts such as competitiveness has become very important, in a way that the knowledge to understand the new economic developments is undeniable. In Iran, according to fourth and fifth economic development program and country visions twenty years has been paid particular attention to the concept and ways to enhance competitiveness of the country. In this study, has been done the comparative assessment of the current situation of competitiveness among the country's regions of visions twenty of global competitiveness report 2011 World Economic Forum. This study shows the current status of Iran in the field of  competitiveness among regional countries is not very suitable to achieve rank first area and it involves  growing effort and continuous follow up. Of such obstacles in the path can be mentioned is deficiency in  different markets, especially labor markets and financial markets along with small components of market  knowledge and low use of new processes that reduce production costs and increase product quality.