Iran’s engineering scientific output in the world: an analysis of citation databases



Scientometric professionals and policy makers always take into consideration Statistics and indicators of citation databases of the world as a framework for assessing and evaluating scientific research and outputs. In this article, Iran’s engineering scientific output situation during 2 last decades by using of data obtained from Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) and Scopus are reviewed. Results show that engineering scientific  productions in Iran during 2 last decades has had a highly appropriate growing trend. According to ISI  Databases, Iran ranks 25th in the world in order of producing 12145 papers in Engineering field, in order to number of citation with 40236 citations and it ranks 69th in the world in term of citation per paper with ratio  3.31. Tehran University by 6431 citations and 1568 scientific output and 3.31 citation per paper ranks 204th,  129th and 919th respectively in the word. Most of the scientific outputs of Iranian researcher in engineering  field are related to Electrical and Electronic engineering field. The University of Tehran, Sharif University of Technology, AmirKabir University of Technology, Iran University of Science and Technology, Islamic Azad  University and Tarbiat Modares University have produced most of the scientific output in these two databases.  In sum, 4 out of 31 Iranian journals indexed in JCR cover Engineering Papers. During last 2 decades Iran had  4 highly cited papers and 9 hot papers in engineering field. More than 17% of Iranian research output in engineering field are indexed in WOS and 25% indexed in Scopus. The most dominant language of Iranian research outputs are in English and article is the most dominant form of Iranian researcher outputs.