A review on Foresight impact on policy making through the IRSTR project



More than forty years global studies on foresight and Futures Studies, including agricultural context, reveal the special benefits on S&T policy making proces : (1) informing policy making procces (2) facilitating policy implementation (3) preaparing policy acceptance bacground(4) facilitating public cooperation in policy making (5) supporting policy denfinition (6) modifing policy making structure. “Iranian Agriculture Science and Technology Roadmap” project has proposed in 2010. Analyzing the performance of agriculture research organizations and introducing technological and research priorities to achieve national agriculture vision 2025, was the main aproach of IRASTR. This project followed by foresight survey, included Delphi and scenario study  on four fields : Fishery, Foresty and Pasture, Herbaceou production, Water and Land. A review on this project is  evealed, results of foresight have been used as feeding information to science and technology periorities,  and agriculture research system policy making.