Introduction to Sociology of Technology: Review of Social Studies of Science and Technology



What the sociology can say about technology? Since the genesis of the sociology and especially since the introduction of sociology of knowledge to last decades, all forms of knowledge was defined as the subject of  sociology, expect natural science and technology. In other word, science and technology was considered as a  “Black Box” that sociology couldn’t enter into to analyze the internal mechanisms of construction of them. It  was so because science was considered as “objective” knowledge and technology as product of it. But, since  the second half of 20th century and by appearance the philosophers and sociologists of science such as Kuhn  and winch and so on, science and technology “Black Box” was disclosed to sociology and science and  technology as “social construction” were subject of sociological analysis. In the domain of science EPOR and in  the domain of technology SCOT is the most wellknown formulation of latest studies of science and technology, that in this article, we review them.