Carbon Capture and Storage: A Technology Policy for Transition to a Low Carbon Economy?



Development of low carbon technologies is nowadays considered a crucial policy due to global expansion in energy consumption, the dependency of current energy regimes to fossil fuels and climate change urgency.  Meanwhile, carbon capture and storage (CCS) is seen as a favorable option to mitigate climate change and  also to facilitate the smooth transition from current energy regimes towards more sustainable future. However, development of these technologies is still in an early stage and embeds technical as well as social risks. This  paper analyses the policies towards CCS technology development. It argues that the development of CCS  technologies is not mere a technical issue but it also includes the important social, political and environmental aspects. This paper also argues that commercializing of CCS technologies require governments intervention. Without government intervention and support many of these technologies will not be developed. Furthermore,  market-led policies cannot guarantee development of CCS technologies. Technology-led policies in which  governments strategically support technology development play a dominant role.