Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors
The journal's scope, as well as the accepted language and types of scholarly publications, are detailed on the About Journal page.
Exact compliance with the following guide is suggested but not necessary when drafting a manuscript for submission to the peer review process; However, compliance with this guide is needed after a manuscript is accepted for publication. Additionally, all authors must complete and sign the form "ethical commitment, conflict of interest, and authors' roles" prior to the publication. After acceptance, papers whose authors do not adhere to these standards will be withdrawn from the journal's publication list. Any subsequent re-submission of such articles will necessitate payment of additional re-handling fees associated with the manuscript.

1. General Rules

  • The article should not have been previously published (except translation).
  • The article should not be submitted to any other publications or conferences concurrently.
  • The entire paper should be typed on A4 paper.
  • Typically, articles published are between 10 and 25 pages in length. However, while shorter works such as a note or policy brief may contain fewer pages, longer works such as translation and report may contain up to 50 pages.
  • Set the page margins as follows: upward and downward: two and a half centimeters - left and right: two and a half millimeters.
  • Use a single column and single-spaced lines.

2. Sections

  • The title, abstract, and keywords are included on the first page.
  • The second page provides the first page's Persian translation (optional).
  • Introduction, theoretical foundations, methodology, data analysis and research findings, conclusions, and bibliographies are included on the third page (the headings can differ from this list).
  • The authors' names and affiliations should not be included in the manuscript, including the first page; instead, submit the manuscript anonymously.

3. Authors' names and order of appearance

  • The authors' full names should be included in the Title Page file and supplied in the order that they appear in the form of "ethical commitment, conflict of interest, and authors' roles."
  • The corresponding author's information should be as thorough and accurate as possible.
  • Titles such as Dr., Prof. etc. should be avoided.

4. Instructions for editing

The following font style and size should be used throughout the manuscript: